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Would like to see America do away with the traditional two party system...Democrats, Republicans, they are all working for the same corporations, military, banks, etc., We need our leaders to start working for the PEOPLE and not for the highest bidder (lobbyists). Even worse is the brainwashing of American citizens who are fighting amongst themselves (Your party is evil, mine is good), they need to realize that BOTH parties are corrupt and they are both skipping hand in hand, laughing all the way to the bank, while the average citizen gets poorer and poorer. Chances are if you call someone a "sheeple", you are probably one too.

Same goes for religions. ("My religion is right, yours is wrong and you're going to hell") We need to stop this archaic, out-dated non-sense and learn to live in harmony with each other and this planet. The one true Higher-Power does not care if you wear a cross or a Star of David.

We need to get politics out of religion and religion out of politics!